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CV Victor Gioncu


First name and Surname: VICTOR GIONCU - FOUNDING MEMBER +

Date and place of birth: Arad, Romania,

19 August 1933 – 30 March 2013+

Marital status: married, 1 child


Year: 1957  Graduated the Politehnical Institute from Timisoara, at the Faculty of Civil Constructions,  Domain: Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Constructions

Year: 1971 Doctorate paper at „Politehnica” University of Timişoara,  The Faculty of Architecture,  Title obtained: doctor engineer, distinction: „ Cum Laudae”, Specialization: civil engineer


      •  Member of the Academy of Technical Sciences of Romani
      • Structural designer at DSAPC Arad, with structural design made for many important buildings between 1958-1964
      • Researcher in the field of structures made of bars with thin walls, stability of metalic and concrete structures (1964-1971)
      • Lecturer at the Politehnical University Timisoara(1971-1985) Faculty of Architecture, teaching courses of “Mechanics and structural design” and “Structures in architecture”
      • Head of National Institute of Research in Construction INCERC Timisoara (1985-1994)
      • Professor at the Politehnica University Timisoara, Faculty of Architecture (1990-2003), teaching courses of “Structural design”, “Methods of restoration of historical buildings”, “Antiseismic architecture” and “The esthetic of structures”
      • Since 2003 consultant professor at the Faculty of Architecture from Timisoara and honorific professor of the Tehnical University from Budapest ( since 2004)

Member of national and international professional asociations:

  • Member of 3 national professional asociations.
  • Member of 3 international professional asociations.

Courses teached  as invited professor at universities from abroad:       

  • England, Guildford, 1983,
  • Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, 1990,
  • Hungary, Budapest, 1993,
  • Italy, Udine, 1996, 1999, 2003.

Conferences held abroad as  “Invited lecturer”:

  • Italy (Rome, Napoli, Cosenza, Milano, Florence, Salerno, Lecce), 1985, 1989, 1991, 1995, 1997, 2002;
  • Brazil ,Rio de Janeiro, 1990;
  • Germany , Berlin, Hamburg, Wurtburg, 1992, 1997;
  • Belgium, Liege, 1993;
  • Slovakia, Bratislava, 1995;
  • Hungaria, Budapest, 1998, 2005
  • Columbia, Cartahena, 2001;
  • Portugal, Lisbon, 2002;
  • France, Rennes, 2003
  • Austria, Innsbruck, 2005

14 written books:

3 books written in English as author:

  • Thin Reinforced Concrete Shells, John Wiley, London, 1979
  • Ductility of Seismic Resistant Steel Structures, (co-author F.M. Mazzolani) Spon Press, London, 2002
  • Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering for Seismic Design (co-author F.M. Mazzolani) Taylor & Franciss, London 2010

5 books in English as publisher of an internatinal manifestation:

  • Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas,(co-author F.M. Mazzolani), E&FN Spon Press, London 1995
  • Coupled Instabilities in Metal Structures, (co-author, J. Rondal, D. Dubina), Imperial College Press, London, 1996;
  • Seismic Resistant Steel Structures (co-author F.M. Mazzolani), Springer, Wien, 1999
  • Phenomenological and mathematical Modelling of Structural Instabilities, (co-author M. Pignataro), Springer, Wien, 2005
  • Coupled Instabilities in metal Structures (co-author J.Rondal, M. Pignataro), Publisher Universitary Horizon Publishing, Timisoara, 2006

6 books in Romanian:

  • “Placi curbe subtiri de beton armat”, Academy Publishing, Bucharest, 1974;
  • “Instabilitatea structurilor din placi curbe subtiri” (co-author M. Ivan), Academy Publishing, Bucharest, 1978 ( paper awarded by the Romanian Academy);
  • “Bazele calcului structurilor la stabilitate”, (co-author M.Ivan), Facla Publishing, Timisoara, 1983;
  • “Teoria comportarii critice si postcritice a structurilor elastice”, (co-author M. Ivan), Academy Publishing, Bucharest, 1994;
  • “Influenta rigiditatii la torsiune la calculul spatial al structurilor din beton armat” (co-author M Prada), Oradea University Publishing, 2004;
  • “Instabilitati si catastrofe in ingineria structurala”, Universitary Horizon Publishing, Timisoara, 2006 (awarded paper by AGIR).

8  special chapters as invited author in many books

5 manuals for students at the Faculty of Architecture

With the ocasion of his retirement  in 2003, at the age of 70, were published 2 books dedicated to his activity as a professor, researcher and structural designer:

• Profile of a Civil Engineer: Victor Gioncu at Seventy (ed. M. Mosoarca), Universitary Horizon Publishing, Timisoara, 2003;

• Recent Advances and New Trends in Structural Design. International Colloquium dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Professor Victor Gioncu (ed. D.Dubina, D. Grecea), Universitary Horizon Publishing, Timisoara, 2003,manifestation at which participated 40 personalities from abroad (Italy, Japan, Columbia, Greece, England, Canada, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Brazil, Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia)Publications: 
The number of papers published in conferences and international journals are over 250 in all the above mentioned domains of research.